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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a common way to add length, volume or colour to your natural hair. Provided they are applied by experienced and qualified stylists, they will give you the hair you have always wanted, damage free. There are a few different methods to achieve this, at Mychelle Caroline we all offer Keratin Bonds, also known as fusion bonds, nano rings, tiny tips and L.A Weave or Invisiweave. Dont worry if you dont know what you want, we can advise you of the best method for you. We do not offer tape in hair extensions due to the fact they use a glue (adhesive) to attach to your hair. 

Which Hair Extensions do you use?

After years of experience I have been able to bring you my Signature range of hair. This is available in all methods and is the most loved and requested hair. I also stock and fit some of the most well known brands such as Beautyworks, Angel Remy and Hair Choice. But i can also access any brand you would like fitting. Unless you have a preference, at consultation the best hair for your hair type will always be recommended. Lifespan of hair depending on the brand ranges from 9 months to 18 months. Despite some brands or extensionists claiming otherwise, it is almost impossible for hair to last longer than 18 months, even with the best aftercare! 

How are hair extensions attached?

It depends on the method. Keratin bonds/fusion bonds are still the most popular choice. Tiny strands of your own hair are taken and attached to tiny strands of hair extensions. The 'bond' is around the size of a grain of rice but can be made even smaller for finer hair. These are by far the most discreet and maintenance free. Nano Rings and Tiny tips use a ring method similar to keratin bonds but attached with a very small ring, this type of extension requires a visit to the salon every 8-10 weeks for a refit. LA Weave and Invisi weave are where strips of hair are sewn onto a base made of rings in your hair. This is a popular choice if you are time limited and want quick results. They also require maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

How long will my extensions last?

Each client is different. With keratin bonds most clients can realistically expect 3-6 months. With nano or tiny tips,providing you attend your maintenance appointment & depending on the hair type 9-18 months, the same for LA and Invisi Weave. Alot depends on the correct aftercare, the amount of natural hair growth and the clients lifestyle. The longest lasting hair type is my signature range, but as i say to everyone. If you go out and buy your normal supermarket shampoo and use the same brush you have always used, no extensions will last!

Will extensions ruin my hair?

Absolutely NOT!! Providing your extensions have been fitted correctly by an experienced technician, and you have followed aftercare guidance, there is no reason why any method (with the exception of tapes) should ruin or damage your hair. Infact, you will probably be pleasantly suprised with how much better your hair is, Alot of clients use extensions whilst growing out a bad cut or damage from colour/heat.

Can I style my hair or wear it up?

Yes! With all methods the extensions are hidden and made discreet. This allows you to achieve a number of styles and play around with your gorgeous new hair! You can use hair straighteners, your curling tongs or hairdryer as normal. 

What about my hair colour/roots?

Dont worry, any colour work can be done by myself, Kelsea or Antonia in-house at the salon

Do I need lots of special Products/Shampoos?

Not lots, but yes. You will need a special shampoo for hair extensions, a good conditioner and treatment and a hair extension brush. All of these are available to purchase in salon.

Is it normal to lose some extensions?

Yes, completely normal. Everyday we lose between 50-200 hairs through a natural shedding process. It is normal for some of your bonds or rings to become loose and slip out during this natural process. Unless you have a huge loss of your extensions this is usually nothing to worry about!